Our Purpose

Who we are

Our early music ensemble coalesced in 2011 as a group of singers enthused about the lesser-known gems of the choral tradition from the baroque and before. We enjoy singing sacred music liturgically and secular music in historically-informed performance (HIP) despite not being religiously affiliated as an organisation. 


 Our Mission


What we can help you with

We are happy to sing at your wedding, christening, or other services. We are also able to sing set programmes of early music with or without instrumental accompaniment.





Soorp soorp soorp (Sanctus from the Armenian liturgy) by Makar Yekmalyan at the Armenian Church, Singapore

What we've done


We programme thematic recitals focusing on medieval, renaissance and baroque music, as well as music from outside the Western European post-classsical mainstream. We intend to both entertain and educate, exposing audiences both local and overseas to a diverse range of choral and instrumental music. 


Our performances have included regular invitations to Esplanade's festivals, such as the annual Tapestry of Sacred Music, as well as presenting early Portuguese music as part of  Reimagining Melaka" in 2019 at Christ Church, Melaka. 


Among our more unusual recitals, we have transported audiences to Baroque-era Peking with Jesuit composers, and explored colonial interactions between Indian classical music and British melodies with Bhaskar's Arts Academy