Voices of Singapore Festival: Gala Concert 

18 March 2019, CHIJMES

Invited to perform at the festival gala.

Vexilla Regis: Holy Week with Tomás Luis de Victoria

6 & 7 April 2019, St Andrew’s Cathedral

Extracts from the 1585 Officium Hebdomadæ Sanctæ (Office of Holy Week) of the Spanish Renaissance composer Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548-1611).

Very Venetian: Various Vivaldi Concerti

4 & 5 May 2019, The Theatre Practice

Concerti for cello, for oboe, for violin, for lute, and a trio sonata by Vivaldi with invited soloists from southeast Asia.

After Albuquerque: Music of Portuguese Malacca

29 June 2019, Christ Church, Melaka

Invited to open Melaka Classics’ Reimagining Melaka festival with a recital at Christ Church, Melaka, of folk songs, dances, and sacred music by Portuguese composers from the 16th and 17th centuries. Supported by the Portuguese Embassy of Malaysia and the Portuguese Cultural Centre Bangkok. 

Aatmadarsa - Through the Looking-Glass

27-28 July 2019, Bhaskar’s Arts Academy

In collaboration with Bhaskar’s Arts Academy, an exploration of mutual influences between British and Indian music in 18th century India, including music by Muthuswami Dikshitar and William Hamilton Byrd. 

Once I was a Good Girl: Songs of the Middle Ages

14-15 September 2019, Bhaskar’s Arts Academy

Secular songs and dances from Mediæval Europe with texts in Latin, Occitan, Middle High German, Italian, and Old French. Supported by a National Arts Council Presentation and Participation Grant. 

Luz y norte: Spanish Fire

24 September 2019, Esplanade Concourse 

Invited as part of the Crossing Borders festival to present songs and dances from 17th century Spain with two voices, two baroque guitars, recorder, baroque violin, harp, and percussion. 

Songs of the Mother

12 & 13 October 2019, Church of Saints Peter & Paul

Marian-themed music in collaboration with Creatus Chamber Choir.

In Dulci Jubilo: A German Baroque Christmas, c. 1620

7 & 8 December 2019, Queenstown Lutheran Church & the Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Music of Michael Praetorius, accompanied by consorts of recorders, lutes, viols, harpsichord, and organ.

Fuego en la nieve - Fire in Snow - Christmas in the Golden Age

28 December 2019, Sinfonietta Hall, Forte Musicademy

Spanish Christmas music from 1500-1700, supported by the Embassy of Spain in Singapore.